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Fort San Fernando de Omoa 1759
OMOA Located west of Puerto Cortes, on the highway leading from Puerto Cortes. Omoa is one of the oldest
towns in Honduras and played an important role in the history of Honduras, especially during the colonial
times. The paved highway leads west towards the town of Tegucigalpita, a village located only a few miles
from the Guatemala border. This area of the country is of stunning beauty thanks to the impressive
Merendon mountain range that serves as a backbone to this part of the coast. Along the road, you will pass
the town of Omoa, where the Spaniards built the massive fortress of San Fernando de Omoa centuries ago.
Its purpose, to protect the coast and shipments of silver bound from the mines of Tegucigalpa to Spain from
the continuous attacks of the British pirates. In effect, by the time it was finished, the pirates were a thing of
the past. This structure is of such importance, that you would have to travel south as far as Cartagena de
Indias in Colombia, or north as far as Campeche, in the Gulf of Mexico to find another fortress of equal
After the independence of Honduras in 1821, the fortress was taken over by the local government, and was
used for many years as a jail, and was later abandoned. Today, the fortress is considered a National
Monument and is open to the public. The Honduran Institute of Archaeology and History is in charge of its
maintenance. The fort, a mute testimony of Honduras colonial past, with its green gardens, humid rooms and
massive walls will no doubt make your fantasies take you to a time in the past, when pirates still roamed the
Caribbean Sea. The fortress is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturday to
Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m. There is a small entrance fee charged on premises. You can purchase
guide books or hire a guide if you wish.


Travelers driving their own vehicle without Central American plates will need a special permit only issued at
the Puerto Cortes customs, since this is not possible in Corinto, you will need to hire a custom official to
escort you as far as Puerto Cortes to get the proper documents for your car. All fees are to be paid in Puerto
Cortes. If you are too late to make the Puerto Cortes Customs that day, a good option is to stop at Roliís in
Omoa, he has all the info on the process and knows all of the escorts from Corinto, so he can help you out.